Wellness Centre

Prices & Packages


  • Full body exfoliation and spray tan : $130
  • Spray tan (Vani-T) : $40

Ionic Detox Foot Spa

  • $25 per session, per person

Sauna And Spa Treatments

Infra-red Sauna 30 minutes : $25 per session, per person.

or 5 sessions for $115. Bring a friend for only $5 extra.

Infra-red Sauna 60 minutes : $40 per session, per person.

or 5 sessions for $180.

Therapeutic Spa 30 minutes : $25 per session, per person. Bring a friend for only $5 extra.

Therapeutic Spa 60 minutes : $40 per session, per person.

Massage Treatments

Remedial, Relaxation, Pregnancy, Deep Tissue, Sports and Aromatherapy Massage
  • 30 minutes $60
  • 45 minutes $75
  • 60 minutes $90
  • 90 minutes $125

Hot Stone (Pohaku) 60 minutes : $120 / 90 minutes : $150

Smooth warmed basalt stones are used to massage the body to relax and unwind muscle tension and stress from the body.

Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Temple Style) 60 minutes : $100 / 90 minutes : $140

Graceful with rhythmic and flowing strokes combined with some Hawaiian magic allows true surrender, balance, healing and transformation to take place. It benefits not only the physical body, but the emotional, mental and heart space too.

Massage Enhancements

  • Chakra cleansing and re-alignment 15 minutes : $25
  • Reflexology mini treatment 15 minutes : $40
  • Orange Hair Masque treatment 15 minutes : $35

Rituals For Hands, Feet & Hair

Botanical Barefoot Indulgence 40 minutes : $65

An aromatic foot massage treatment relieves stress and tension while enhancing relaxation and general wellbeing, leaving feet smooth enough to kiss!

Moroccan Rose Hand Treatment 40 minutes : $65

Replenish beautiful hands and nails with exfoliation and a rejuvenating hand massage.

Orange Creme Hair Masque : $35

A pure botanical hair treatment to restore lush brilliance to tired dry locks, and increase overall condition and shine. This treatment can be used as an upgrade to any package.

vichy shower treatments / body smoothing rituals

Creme Body Polish / Sugar or Salt scrubs 60 minutes : $100

An indulgent exfoliation massage treatment to leave skin feeling soft, hydrated and baby smooth.

Choose from the following essential oil infusions or intense body exfoliations: Lemongrass, Vanilla Bean, Fruit Tonic, Pink Frangipani, Purifying Marine, Spiced Chai, Pink Champagne or Basil and Mint.

Waterlily Body Wrap Cocoon Treatments 90 minutes : $190

These exotic body rituals effectively contour, firm and tone, targets cellulite, while deeply hydrating and nourishing the skin. The skin is prepared for body wrap treatments with a smoothing exfoliation of your choice. Treatment includes Petit Spa Facial. The crème body wrap is rich in fruit enzymes, herbal infusions, vitamins and nutrient rich French clay crèmes, pure plant oils and essential oils.

Choose from the following: Lemongrass, Spiced Chai Tisane, Pink Frangipani, Purifying Marine, Vanilla Bean and Cocoa, and Hydrating Fruit.

Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurvedic treatments serve to lubricate and open the channels through which energy and information flow, while conveying care and tenderness; these treatments saturate the recipient in liquid love.

  • Oil Massage (Abhyanga) 60 minutes : $90
  • Anointing (Shirodhara) 40 minutes : $80

Healing Treatments

  • Reflexology 45 minutes : $70
  • Ear Candling 45 minutes : $65
  • Cranio Sacral treatment 30 minutes : $55 / 60 minutes : $80
  • Kinesiology 90 minutes : $120
  • Reiki : $80

Botanical Facial Treatments

Pure skin treatments using nature's finest ingredients effectively, entwining beauty with botany to create timeless facial rituals that boost the complexion while instilling deep relaxation.

Petit Spa Facial 30 minutes : $70

A cleansing facial designed to offer a quick pick-me-up to brighten, nourish and revitalise the complexion.

Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment 15 minutes Upgrade : $30

A revitalising layered treatment dedicated to the delicate eye area.

Rose Quartz Spa Facial 60 minutes : $120

A luxurious spa facial targeting firmness, lines and wrinkles with infusion of pure Rose Oils, Crushed Quartz and Crystal Essences.

Youth Elixir Facial 75 minutes : $130

Anti-ageing, hydrating and rejuvenating for mature, dry and sensitive skin types. The ultimate anti-ageing treatment, with an infusion of precious omega serums, collagen and opulent essential oils to deeply replenish and renew.

Facial Enhancements

Enhance your spa experience with an added indulgence to complete your pampering treatment.

  • Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment 15 minute : $30
  • Moroccan Rose & Guava Hand Treatment : $65
  • Foot Smoothing Ritual : $65
  • Orange Crème Hair Treatment Masque : $35


Indulge in one of our luxurious packages, or we can help you design your own package from our extensive menu.

All treatments may be upgraded to include an anti-ageing eye treatment or orange creme hair masque.

Platters and beverages are available to accompany each package upon request..

Rejuvenation Package 2 hours : $200

1 hour relaxation massage and 1 hour Rose Quartz Spa Facial.

Detox Package 1 hour : $45

30 minute Infra-red sauna followed by a 30 minute ionic detox foot spa.

An Indian Affair 2 hours : $160

60 minute oil massage (Abhyanga) offers relaxation and purification, while incorporating Marma points, followed by Shirodhara, a therapeutic relaxation technique where warm oil is slowly streamed onto forehead.

Aloha Experience 2½ hours : $260 • For two : $500

Creme Body Polish, Lomi Lomi Massage, Petit Spa Facial.

Lotus Waters Pure Indulgence 5 hours: $490 • For two : $970

Therapeutic Spa (45 minutes), Waterlily Creme Body Wrap, 1 hour Relaxation Massage, Orange Creme Hair Masque, 1 hour Rose Quartz facial, spa lunch and beverage.

Shearwater Escape 3¼ hours : $310 • For two : $600

Therapeutic Outdoor Spa (45 minutes), Vanilla Bean Creme Body Polish, hot stone massage, Petit Spa Facial.